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The private sector has a crucial role to play in advancing the SDGs, but to boost companies’ motivation, there needs to be real change in the way their impact is measured. WBA’s transformative benchmarks compare companies’ performance on the global challenges the world faces. With just a decade to run WBA’s SDG2000 identifies the 2,000 most influential companies by impact on the UN’s SDGs to benchmark. The benchmarks are backed by the best available science, while leveraging existing international norms and standards. WBA is grounded in the aspiration that real progress can only be accomplished by working with others. A group of more than 115 Allies will provide WBA with the necessary support to be a successful driver of change. The benchmarks empower all stakeholders, from consumers and investors to employees and business leaders, with key data and insights to encourage sustainable business.

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World Benchmarking Alliance names the most influential 2000 companies for a sustainable future

20 January 2020: The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) has today revealed the SDG2000, a list of the companies that have the most influence over our ability to move to a more sustainable future. The list – comprised of companies which collectively make up half of the entire global economy and are responsible for $43trillion in revenue – is part of WBA’s mission to measure the private sector’s impact and efforts in sustainability with one global accountability mechanism.

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The SDG2000 is developed by a core team of researchers within the WBA. Please let us know if you have any questions, if you need any further information or how we can otherwise help you. We are looking forward to get in touch.

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Keystone company toolkit

Being named as a keystone company on the SDG2000 is recognition of your global influence. In the short term, it’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate and communicate your commitment and leadership on the SDGs to your colleagues, customers, investors and other stakeholders. We’ve prepared this toolkit to help.  

In the long term, it’s an opportunity to play your part in shaping a sustainable future for all. We are ready to talk to you about this, just contact our Benchmark Leads.

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Funding partners

The World Benchmarking Alliance is funded by the Dutch, Danish, UK and German government and Aviva Foundation.